When a child opts for the streets already too much damage has been done.  Early on at Hope for Children we understood that it’s much better  to support parents who are about to give up the fight and take to drink, drugs etc, succomb to nervous breakdown or abandoning the family, than to have to rescue children who are suffering  the consequences of their parents hopelessness.

Our family support programme has developed to support families in crisis by

·         Giving physical support in the form of food, clothing, hygiene products, household items, furniture etc

·         Giving occasional or regular financial support

·         Befriending, defending, counseling, informing of other sources of help, giving practical advice, praying.

·         Seminars lead by professional psychologists.

·         Occasional recreational activities.

We were shown that we could be more, no matter where we came from and even if our family situation was completely bad. We learned that we didn’t have to be like them but we could be something better
— Zhenya, Riga