Hope for Children also provides for and facilitates foster homes. Sadly, sometimes children need to be removed from their situations at home and foster housing allows children to be put in a safe and loving environment in the short term at least.

In Latvia there are still thousands of children in State care living in large institutions alongside many other hurting children. Adoption and foster-parenting are still on a very small scale in Latvia.

At Hope for Children, we believe that encouraging foster parents is a critical step in providing children with a more loving and home-like living situation.

Our staff is working to encourage more families to consider becoming foster parents as well as providing accommodation, material and moral support to those who are prepared to take up the challenge and give their lives to raising children.

Hope for Children is a place where kids are allowed to be kids but where, at the same time, they prepare you for a life and a future that you deserve
— Karina, now adopted in the USA